Our Mission

We, the Filipino parishioners of the Saint Oscar Romero Catholic Church, Eastvale, California, envision to be a loving, caring, and united family, worshiping God together through devotions, prayers, and fellowship, and to follow Christ’s example of teaching, ministering, and evangelizing for the good of our faith, our parish, and our community.

Our History

The Filipino Ministry was established in the Spring of 2016 after the first Blessed Oscar Romero Ministry fair. After a general assembly and election of leadership, the group rolled up their collective sleeves and went to work attempting to energize our Filipino parishioners and neighbors into service for the Lord and our church. We organized small groups to perform volunteer services in support of the parish at first, like securing items needed for the celebration of the mass, and setting up the chairs and the flowers in the school hall that hosted our early services. We have since then established several large successful events showcasing and honoring our Filipino heritage while at the same time drawing together the generous and enthusiastic spirits of our fellow parishioners. Such events as the Annual Harvest and Fall Festival Dinner Dance, Rosary Crusade, Christmas Caroling, Picnic in the Park and Blessed Oscar Romero Has Talent Showcase have been well received and a source of great fun and fellowship! We are committed to doing the Lord’s work, ministering to our fellow parishioners, Filipino and non-Filipino alike, and working tirelessly to support the building of our church in Eastvale and the continued success growth and success of our parish.

Contact Us

Lerma Kamantigue (President)

(909) 559-1117 |

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